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JFMTI Profile
Joint Forum of Medical Technologists of India (JFMTI) is an all india level registered organization of allied health professionals associations. JFMTI (formerly JFMLTS) was formed initially by Medical Laboratory Staff of various Delhi-based Government Hospitals/health institutions in 2007 for redressal of several long pending policy issues for betterment of Medical Technology and Technologists. The organization has now become a national voice for associations/Unions/Institutions of Medical Technologists of all allied health streams i.e. Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Radiology Technology, Operation Theatre Technology, Medical Radiation therapy Technology etc. Since its inception, JFMTI has been striving hard and demanding the formation of National Statutory Council for Medical Technologists of various allied health streams engaged in Central Government, State Governments, Autonomous health institutions, local bodies, PSUs and private health establishments in India. Presently, several important streams of health care that play an indispensable role in health care delivery system are left unregulated. Forum strongly believes that quality of diagnostic and health care services, quality of Paramedical education & and training can neither be ensured, nor can be other professional issues like scope of practice, right of practice in profession, uniformity in educational qualification, uniformity in designations, pay scales and promotional avenues, and other relevant issues be addressed without a national perspective for Medical Technologists.

As you know, demand for formation of Central Council for Medical Technologists of various allied health streams, has been pending before Government of India for more than last 30 years. Though, on various occasions, it has been accepted, in principle, by Government of India that such council is necessary for streamlining of allied health education and for providing quality of health services, but practically, this important issue has been ignored completely. Even after six decades of Independence we have no law to regulate several important streams of health science. Furthermore, several other professional issues also need Government attention for qualitative health services in Government and private health sector throughout the country.

Due to broader perspective of Forum and holistic approach towards public in general, and patients and professionals in particular, various associations/unions/institutions of Medical Technologists have come together and constituted Joint Forum of Medical Technologists of India as a National representative organization of Medical Technologists of various streams to share ideas on how we can improve the career prospects and professional standing of Medical Technologists and provide qualitative diagnostic & health care services throughout India. Ministry of Health & FW, Government of India has also organized several meetings with representatives of the Forum on several demands raised by us. Within the short period, Joint Forumhas succeeded in spreading its message among all streams of Medical Technologists, media, Government machinery and general public by its powerful vision, mission, objectives and activities. As a result, the large numbers of leading associations/unions of Medical Technologists in a number of states have come together and joined hands with the Joint Forum. In addition to Medical Laboratory Technologists, Medical Radiology Technologists Medical Radiation Therapy Technologists, and Operation Theatre Technologists several other allied health streams of Medical Technologists/professionals are also supporting the cause of the Forum.

Forum had also been invited to present before Parliamentary Standing Committee on The Paramedical and Physiotherapy Central Council Bill-2007 and also submitted a detailed paper to the Committee after several meetings of Professionals. Almost all the suggestions and views were accepted by Committee in its 31st Report but said Bill was lapsed due to dissolution of 14th Lok Sabha and again with a new proposal, Government of India had proposed to establish a National regulatory body (NCHRH) for all streams of health sector. Ministry of Health had invited suggestions on a proposed draft bill latest by 15th October, 2009. Being a responsible organization, Joint Forum of Medical Technologists of India organized a National Debate on 4th October in Delhi on proposed NCHRH draft bill and submitted within time an exemplary Joint comprehensive Memorandum of more than 27 associations/unions/institutions of health sector to various concerned officials of Ministries. Forum also organised several meetings, Seminars and conventions of Medical Technologists and sent one lacks post cards to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India demanding an early formation of National Council for advancing, strengthening and streamlining all allied health streams of professionals. The post cards emphasized the need to establish uniformity in education and training and other professional issues throughout the country. For further details about Vision, Mission and Activities of the Forum, please visit respective window of JFMTI website.